Jul 09, 2015

KOBIL, leader in proactive digital identity protection against cyberattacks and data & ID theft by providing comprehensive IT security solutions, announced that it will use mIDentity Protection (AST) to protect the security of Massive Open Online Course TABlet, or MOOCTAB, Europe’s biggest cloud based digital education platform. Within the scope of the 36-month project, KOBIL will conduct R&D studies on mobile applications, tablet security, digital rights management and users’ privacy and confidentiality.

KOBIL Turkey Country Manager, Umit Yasar Usta emphasizes the fact that adoption of new teaching methods and digital technologies are the key of success in the new world. Usta explains the importance of these infrastructures supported with security solutions: “Four of five security companies that took part at MOOCTAB are French. Only KOBIL is representing Turkey in the security area. At the project we will provide payment systems for paid lessons and we will also be responsible for identification at online exams and security of course material sales on the internet. While the developing technologies like cloud, mobile and wearable devices are becoming tools that provide benefits for education they are also giving strategic competition advantages to institutions and bringing self-improvement and vocational education opportunities to individuals. For example, a student who studies at a university in Kars can take lessons from a university in Istanbul via MOOC TAB. As KOBIL we will contribute to the use of this contemporary education designs with our security solutions. Thus, we will undertake an important mission as the security pier of e-learning transition in Turkey and Europe.”

MOOCTAB, which received a grant from Technology and Innovation Funding Programs Directorate, or TEYDEB, will be operated by five main partners for three years in Turkey. The tablets to be used at the project –which are planned to be completed on December 2017— will be produced by Vestel. Bahçeşehir University will be content provider; UBİT will be Turkey coordinator of the project and Humanayz will provide technology infrastructure. KOBIL will lead the security for payment and ID protection of the project. The results from R&D of the project will be employed in e-learning fields like Fatih Project.

What is MOOCTAB?
While distance learning on the internet is becoming widespread Massive Online Open Courses, or MOOC, an affective trend at the last two years, are accepted as a new phase in the education world that is developing in the light of digital technologies. The most important feature of the MOOC is to enable unlimited number of students to take same lessons at the same time over the internet without reducing the value of education.

MOOC makes e-learning enjoyable with contents from novels to online games other than traditional learning materials. It is comprised of lesson designs, video production, accessibility, site traffic, security, and software and information infrastructures brought together under the same roof. MOOC also provides a base for information and education actors to work together.

According to Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMD) study published in 2014, MOOC is expected to form 10{d05ed2fcafd13be8f8206dca969478b02082b437556910654bb4db0d96a45814} of whole education in 2020, including mass education.