Nov 10, 2012

Worms / Zurich, 11 October 2012. KOBIL Systems received the Banking IT-Innovation Award 2012 for its new mIDentity-based software solution Application Security Technology (AST). The award is presented for particularly innovative technologies on the customer-bank interface by the “Sourcing in the Financial Industry” Centre of Excellence of the Universities of Leipzig, St. Gallen and Zurich.

Changed customer requirements due to mobile terminal devices allow banks the possibility of offering innovative services. This is both a threat and an opportunity for the classical bank. Non-banks such as PayPal already offer these services. The classical bank is now being asked to make use of the new technological possibilities. KOBIL AST is the suitable software for securely enabling payment and communication processes such as e-Banking, e-Commerce and e-Payment, as well as Secure Messaging on all platforms with a digital ID.

The prestigious award confirms that KOBIL has again recognised a trend at an early stage and has developed the right solution.