Jun 05, 2014

Worms / Bonn, Germany, May 19th, 2014. KOBIL, market leading trendsetter in the manufacture of innovative technologies related to the fields of data security and digital identity provides the technology for the digital use of the DHL parcel boxes by private users.

The DHL parcel box allows all interested customers to have their parcels delivered directly to their front door. The parcel box not only enables to receive packages, but also to return deliveries as well as to directly send pre-franked packages. In the future the parcel boxes will provide the customer with increased comfort and time saved as they will spare him the trip to the post office.

In order to be able to provide a nationwide offer, suitable for everyone, it must be ensured that only authorized persons have access to a parcel box. KOBIL, with its know-how, has taken on exactly this task.

KOBIL has made a major contribution to the security strategy of the parcel boxes. The KOBIL security server (SSMS) provides protection to the entire locking and unlocking process of the parcel boxes with an NFC tag, which also corresponds to the user’s digital identity.

With the ViKey module, a component of the SSMS, all relevant cryptographic data such as keys, authorizations and locking information is created. This ensures that only authorized persons have access to the parcel box.