Jul 07, 2015

Recently published debugger-based attacks against Android Apps targeting on memory dumping and thus revealing sensitive App- or customer data can be reliably defeated by using KOBIL mIDentity protection. This type of attacks targets weaknesses in the Android “debuggerd” process, forcing it to create memory dumps (so-called “tombstones”) when crashing. Such memory dumps can contain sensitive user or App data.

If the App is secured with KOBIL mIDentity protection, this attack will not work since it anticipates the Android “debuggerd” process to attach to the App. As a consequence, the memory dump cannot be created and no sensitive user or App data can be revealed.

Background info:

http://m.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Viele-Android-Geraete-ueber-Debugger-angreifbar-2731739.html (german)