Jan 21, 2016

Innovative full services for secure client communication expedite the digitalization strategies of financial service providers and companies

WORMS – 21 January 2016. From now on Swiss financial and other companies can benefit from the services provided by KOBIL’s mobile mIDentity Protection platform for identity authentication and transaction safety. The service is provided by the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Banking Service Center from its Bern-based data center specialized on the financial industry. The partners also intend to offer more services based on KOBIL’s platform.

Banking institutes will be able to use the service as integrated security feature of core-banking system IBIS3G for their e-banking and other banking services. Other companies will deploy the solution for instance to secure their e-commerce transactions and for safety-relevant aspects of communication to protect user identities throughout all platforms used. Since the solution is available as a service, investments in proprietary infrastructure can be spared and the implementation time required is reduced significantly. In its role as service provider, HPE will of course assume the respective administration and maintenance.

mIDentity Protection is composed of various individual services. The platform comprises multi-factor authentication Trusted Login, transaction signature Trusted Message Sign and one-time password technology SecOVID. While Trusted Login ensures that respectively authorized users of specific services or networks are identified and logged-on reliably through multi-factor authentication, Trusted Message Sign facilitates the mobile signing of transactions and other safety-relevant communications. Apart from multi-factor authentication, also specifically hardened apps, device dependence and encrypted communication channels as well as secure servers in the background play an important role in this context. So-called Smart Security Management Server (SSMS) ensures clear user identification.

Özgür Koyun, KOBIL‘s Country Manager for Switzerland, explains the partnership‘s advantages: “Swiss clients can thoroughly secure their e-commerce and e-banking activities by using mIDentity Protection or the platform’s individual features as a service. Investments in proprietary infrastructure and administration can thus be spared. Thanks to the interfaces used, the services can furthermore be quickly integrated with existing business applications”. Banking institutes that use IBIS3G as core banking system will only incur minimal integration efforts as the Service Banking Center virtually provides the integration services “ex works”, Koyun explains.

Dr. Marc L. Brogle, Chief Technologist / CTO at the HPE Banking Service Center, points out on the partnership potential: “On the one hand, we can offer KOBIL’s mIDentity Protection as a service. However, at the same time we are able to provide other services that require clear identification of users and their communication, which are based on suchlike secured communication. This facilitates the realization of new, binding services between clients and the banking institute – starting with bank accounts and secured virtual communication space all the way to binding client-bank-interactions and concluding contracts online”.

The cooperation commenced in December 2015 and initially involve the services app-security, multi-factor authentication as well as reliable and mobile transaction signing in mobile and online banking.