Feb 27, 2015

Last week, the international press was characterized by the news about a group of employees of British GCHQ and US-American NSA having hacked SIM card keys in 2010 and 2011 in order to control mobile communication even without having obtained respective providers’ and users’ consent. The alleged hacking relates to SIM cards used for language services and/or text messages. KOBIL also deploys chip cards that are technically similar to the presumably hacked SIM cards. These chip cards are supplied to us in blank state, containing no data at all. Moreover, KOBIL or the deploying company reformats them. The chip cards used by KOBIL serve as identity carriers, digital certificates are transferred to in order to secure authentication and transaction processes. KOBIL does not use the information on the chip card for encoding purposes. With KOBIL solutions, these keys are kept outside chip cards. For that reason, our clients and users were not at risk for even a single minute. Since chip cards of most various card providers have been implemented, KOBIL technologies have always been realizing identity keys through proprietary card personalization procedures. Any prior chip card manipulation is thus excluded. The latest threads increasingly show that it takes more than just trustworthy independent entities to secure digital identities. For that reason we will continuously strive to develop KOBIL technologies and security mechanisms in such way, data theft is excluded in general and our customers are secured against unknown loopholes at any time.