Jul 20, 2016

Worms, July 20th, 2016. Yapı Kredi Bank, a company of the Yapi Kredi Group, fortified its mobile and internet banking services for corporate, commercial and SME costumers by integrating mIDentity Security Technology developed by KOBIL, a leading company in digital data security solutions.

Customers who use Yapı Kredi’s corporate internet or mobile banking channels can login the corporate internet branch and make banking transactions in secure and much easier way than the previous method through the innovative login technology, implemented first time in Turkey.

Users can login to the internet banking instantly without user code or password by scanning QR code on Yapı Kredi Corporate Internet Branch login panel with Yapı Kredi Corporate Mobil Branch application thanks to the login method with QR-code scanning technology.

As part of the cooperation with KOBIL, Yapi Kredi also offers “secure login with USB” technology to its customers. The USB login technology provides maximum security in banking transactions with “plug & play” method and can be used on both MAC and Windows operating systems. When users plug their mini USB into computers, a screen is being opened automatically to let the users make their banking transaction in secure environment. When establishing a connection or signing in to the web service users only have to enter the PIN of their smartcard to be instantly logged-on. Thus users can use Yapı Kredi banking services in a secure environment with its special security infrastructure.

Apart from internet and mobile banking services, Yapı Kredi also secures the customers in other banking transactions such as EFT, or money transfer that uses KOBIL’s mIDentity Security Technology.

Secure banking transactions across PCs and mobile phones

With its two-factor identity authentication feature, KOBIL’s mIDentity Protection close-circuit encoded messaging platform fortifies bank’s web sites and mobile apps’ security in order to protect customers from possible cyber-attacks during mobile and internet banking transactions, even on public computers and tablets without firewalls. The platform, compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows PC operation systems, not only provides security automatically, but also removes customers’ security concerns, fulfills high-security expectations and contributes to banks’ efforts to increase customer satisfaction.

mIDentity increases convenience while providing maximum security

“Today, digital banking became a main stream for banks. Banks were only focusing on user experiences and functions previously but now they pay much more attention on application security. Stronger security means more convenience for users. But convenience needs a solid security infrastructure. If security infrastructure is strong, a simple PIN or finger touch will be enough for secure banking transactions even on mobile devices. Our mIDentity technology, which used on Yapı Kredi Corporate Mobil Branch application, is a security platform that increases convenience while providing maximum security. Users can login Yapı Kredi Corporate Internet Branch even without passwords thanks to solid security infrastructure of mIDentity technology,” said Ümit Yaşar, KOBIL Turkey Country Director.