Jun 21, 2018

In private life, we’ve got a favorite app for nearly each and every case. We use especially when we’re on the go and have our mobile devices with us. The chance of being able to control nearly every application scenario at every place by means of an app has also significantly changed our behavior when it comes to handling corporate software. .

IT consumerization has significantly changed enterprises and employee behavior.

One example for consumerization is Instant Messaging solutions that require employees to use individual devices to communicate with each other. Such solutions increasingly become part of companies since they facilitate the simple inter-employee exchange of information & news without requiring huge efforts. Of course, the respective information & news also comprise confidential data – personal as well as corporate ones (projects, sales figures, customers, etc.). While most Instant Messaging solutions are appropriate for personal use they are a high security risk for companies that use them in daily communication! This kind of unsecured and uncontrolled communication involves various drawbacks for the IT department and the company itself in case information is accessed by unauthorized parties or if mobile devices get lost. Neither can these solutions be integrated with the corporate processes, e.g. to facilitate not only inter-personal communication but to also interact from person to service or from service to service. And the communication server that registers and administers users and processes and transmits messages is not within the respective companies’ control but located somewhere abroad. Over there, of course, other data protection acts are applied – if even any. Today’s world is mobile and global – technological limits do no longer exist. So, let’s summarize: some of the stakes in the fence that has so far protected IT have been removed. The biggest obstacles when it comes to IT consumerization are the security of mobile applications and verifying the identity of individuals, machinery or items plus the integration with corporate processes. Our response to all this – KOBIL Security Platform!

Murat Ayranci