The Healthcare Market:

The healthcare market is an important growth market with many challenges and opportunities. The demographic change, medical progress and the sustained demand for new technologies result in an apparently constant rise in prices.

The challenge – Healthcare with digital interfaces

The mobile internet and the constant availability of data are the result of the digital revolution. More and more technical devices are being used for the treatment of patients. These devices generate a large amount of data. Along with medical reports, patient information, historical patient data as well as treatment cost overviews information lies scattered among health insurance companies, medical specialists, hospitals and family doctors.

Access to this patient information is essential in order to lower the costs for treatment, to reduce the duration of stay in the hospital, to optimize medication plans or to fight billing fraud against health insurance companies.

The solution:

Due to the rapidly increasing amoung of sensitive information together with the evolving options of various mobility & E-Health solutions “Secure Identity Processing” is going to become the hot topic of the healthcare sector.

At this point the KOBIL security technology comes into play. A clear identification and therefore a high level of security are guaranteed by the Secure Identity Platform of KOBIL. We secure all user relevant information on the entire way of communication. For example: during a house call a doctor logs into the lab portal to check the values of a current blood test on his tablet. The KOBIL Security Server checks his access data, the authenticity of the app and the binding of the mobile device and authenticates the doctor clearly and bindingly. The doctor is now able to retrieve the information end-to-end encrypted or to request additional services via the app.

Even patients can benefit from our technology. They can measure vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar values or pulse and transmit the results directly to the monitoring system via the app in real time. Any deviations of the vital signs can immediately be identified. If requested the system can send patient an encrypted notification or a signal to the app via a secure channel automatically. This way a more precise diagnosis and a higher quality of treatment can be achieved

scenerio13Family-healthcare – medical check-ups

  • improved patient care for physicians
  • The physician defines a date for the next preventive check-up in the appointment book.
  • In any given number of weeks before the next check-up is due, the appointment book automatically sends a trusted message plus a suggested date to the app.
  • delivery of encoded and personalized messages without any third party access
  • interactive communication without involvement of staff

scenerio2Digital vaccination records – for the whole family

  • no extra telephoning efforts for the practice staff
  • no need to search for the vaccination record or to arrange for appointments by the patients
  • patient retention and more confidence between doctor, patient and producer

scenerio3Patient files – mobile access to information

  • 24/7 availability of patient files
  • regional flexibility for patients
  • traceable case histories
  • less paperwork and file archiving in future
  • prevents dual expenses by possibly repeated examinations

scenerio4WLAN in practice and waiting room – surf instead of waiting

  • improve your practice
  • improve your service for patients
  • appear modern and open
  • offer your patients precise advanced information on treatments
  • your service provider will be responsible for complying with legal requirements like user data storage, authorized access verification, authentication concepts, etc.

scenerio5Usage instructions – simply by QR code

  • products that always come with their usage instructions
  • reduces misuse
  • producers who are closer to patients
  • safe and traceable




Mobility is not a technological vision of future any more. Today it is able to change the way of communication between government agencies, companies and citizens. It is time for the public sector to catch up. The use of mobile devices in the public sector can help to communicate with the public directly and to visualize public administration in the digital world.

The challenge – Reduction of the digital gap between citizen and government

Five minutes spent on a browser to re-register a car instead of 60 minutes in a waiting room! eGovernment services as a cost effective form of service are becoming more and more attractive to the public. Data protection and data security however pose an even greater problem to government agencies than to industrial companies. As each citizen currently has various options of identification to the respective government agency – which is preventing “One-Stop-Service”. The public sector must be able to improve efficiency and public accessibility and to reduce costs at the same time.

The solution:

KOBIL supports the public sector with the simplification and the realization of mobile processes. The “Secure Identity Platform” is being used for a clear and binding identification and authentication. It ensures reliability for communication and transactions among government agencies as well as between government agencies and citizens or companies.

Government agencies are able to provide the public with digital services via a mobile app. Whether mobile public administration or mobile service portal – the public has the advantage that governmental information and processes can be accessed “around the clock”. Communication options can be significantly expanded.

The entire digital transmission is performed on an end-to-end encrypted secondary channel via a KOBIL security server, which is on premise and under the control of the government agency.

With the new technical possibilities government agencies are able to simplify and automate processes which due to security reasons could not be realized before and in turn are now able to free up capacities for other tasks.

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