The initial situation on the
financial market – basic reorientation

Banks undergo a phase of reorientation. On one hand there is the implementation of constant new regulations. On the other hand there is the emergence of new opportunities through mobile banking and mobile payment. At this point Banks are facing the competitors of the digital world.

New services and functions
need to be integrated and offered to the users.

The challenge – Mobility
is the new internet

For hackers and cyber criminals the financial sector has been the focal point of their interest. Due to the rapid development of mobile banking or mobile payment the risks increase. Classic attacks such as Man-in-the-middle or Man-in-the-browser are just the tip of the iceberg.

Security is a mandatory requirement, for the user however usability and functionality is of primary importance. Banks are facing a competition with completely new service providers. Paypal, Google, Apple and others advance into the traditional business areas of Banks. They combine their benefits with additional services such as e.g. payment functions. This way they compete for clients with the established banks.

Risks are changing. Users are being defrauded on the telephone! (Who am I? Who are you?)

Simultaneous manipulation of multiple channels.
Man-in-the-middle, man-in-the-browser, man-in-the-app

The solution – from secure basic technologies
to a binding digital eco system

With our technology (up to digital business eco systems) users will, in future, be able to secure mobile applications, authorize transactions and protect their identity. Media interruptions will be avoided, TAN that have been sent insecure and costly via SMS or have been created with TAN generators no longer have to be entered.

Our solutions function independently from end devices like smart phones, tablets or PCs. They do not require additional hardware to authorize transactions. They consist of a frontend and backend part. The frontend forms your banking app. It is secured against being copied from dedicated devices, against manipulation and against the creation of fake apps. Continue reading here …


Control and authorize e-commerce activities

  • budget-friendly information options
  • quick and easy
  • Feedback channel for approval, rejection or fraud reports
  • reliability by digital signatures


Avoid embarrassing situations

  • Unrestricted payment
  • quick and easy


Attend additional identities & services

  • Control system for family protection (children on school trips) to prevent unauthorized transactions.
  • Increasing limits for teenagers staying abroad

The payment market:

Digital mobility with internet capable end devices is the next step on the world wide web – smart phones, tablet pcs or e-readers capture the mass markets and will, in the years to come, not only change commerce but are going to fundamentally change financial services, mobile payment systems in particular, fundamentally as well. The option to receive information time and location independently, to acquire products or services and to pay mobile is taken for granted today.

The challenge – Fusion of offline
and online world at payment

Digital platforms and new eco systems increasingly collide with the traditional backend systems and with each other. For the future development it is therefore important that the players on the market link cross-link their various apps but also integrate them into the process in order to be able to directly control the workflow. Therefore a “Secure Identity Platform” is essential.

It requires a payment solution for payments via browser, via mobile phone and / or via NFC in the stationary trade to enable retail and financial service providers to use existing technologies in order to enable cashless payment.

The solution:

Our „Secure Identity Platform“ is being delivered in combination with the security server (SSMS). The service is on premise and under your control and checks the integrity of the mobile app and the device and that before each transaction thus detecting e.g. a jailbreak or something similar. The legitimation and the communication are transmitted via a secure second channel completely end-to-end encrypted.

The solution by KOBIL, developed for the use on all platforms and devices including iPhones, iPads or Android, ensures security, eliminates possible concerns of users and provides an immense advantage through increased customer satisfaction. Continue to read here …


KOBIL supports its clients with numerous digital security solutions

  • always at your side, always in funds
  • processing cost reductions
  • quick and easy
  • reliable and traceable


Come in, go out and pay easily

  • no more queuing up at the check-out
  • information system and payment system
  • quick and easy


Collect here, collect there and cash wherever you want

  • One app, multiple points: one platform facilitates cashing with various shops
  • Used as real means of payment
  • Make more of your bonus points by connecting to e-banking.

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