1, 2, 3 – you have been identified! It was never easier to establish a trusted interaction with your clients

The customer care market:

Smart phones and tablet pcs with email, messaging and chat have changed the world – most people however still use the phone for service requests. The preference still is talking rather than typing. Nevertheless: The communication habits of people are changing.

The interaction with the customer will increase its focus on connecting with the mobile app world. The constant quality, price and competitive pressure is forcing service centers evermore to automate and optimize their processes.

Smart phones (telephones) in combination with apps will take a key role at customer communication in the future as it is the only channel guaranteeing a direct and personal contact between the company and its customers – no matter where the customers are.

The challenge – customer experience of service

The most successful companies are those, who offer their customers the option to directly contact service via the existing company app which safely forwards the unique ID of the customer as well as the customers’ inquiry before the call starts. At this point the customer should have the choice on when and how to contact his service provider and should immediately receive his answer on the same channel without media disruption.

In order to meet the customers’ needs, companies require a safe and secured “Identity Processing” within their company processes to clearly authenticate the customer before establishing the contact. To do so the transmitted personal data and information must be protected from misuse

The solution

The KOBIL security platform has accepted the task to simplify the contact. With the use of this platform the respective company is offering the customer to access information with a click on the “secure visual IVR” menu, to be connected with the respective responsible employee or to arrange a callback on its mobile app. The clear identification and therefore the high level of security is guaranteed by the software, mIDentity protection by KOBIL, that is integrated into the call center. The customer logs into the app, the KOBIL security server checks the access data, the authenticity of the app, the binding to the mobile device and authenticates the customers clearly and definitely. Waiting times and expenses can be avoided as the customer is informed when the agent will be available to take his call. Die app can easily be extended by additional services.


The online-market is growing continuously. It’s time for a new way to receive parcels

The logistics market

Anyone who is frequently ordering goods online expects a fast and reliable delivery. The online trade is one of the fastest growing sectors in Europe. An increasing number of people order goods on the pc, the tablet or the smart phone.

An ever increasing number of packages has to be transported to the customer in an ever decreasing amount of time. The good news is that delivery as well as logistics companies may experience a broad growth opportunity. The not-so-good news however is that in parallel the costs will increase. The “last mile” of the delivery in particular is responsible for half of the costs. Due to the extremely high competition amongst delivery service companies the costs cannot just be passed on to the customer. Furthermore new competitors of the trade, logistics and IT sector are entering the market.

The challenge – logistics with digital interfaces

Consumer demands are growing at an ever increasing rate due to the app economy. They are expecting more and more individual solutions such as a secure delivery on the same day or overnight – of course at the time of delivery they specified.

The possible return delivery has to be done as fast and uncomplicated, which of course has to be done free of charge and at the time they specified. The largest optimization potential lies in the expansion of the digital interfaces to the consumers. With apps and Track-and-Trace sytems the customer is able to monitor his order and can if necessary communicate with the driver. But how exactly is this supposed to work?

The solution

Imagine: You are able to control lock and parcel boxes with an intelligent access system. With this app you are able to choose when and how your packages are being delivered or picked up. You are in control of the access key and only you are authorized to grant or deny access to your package. If you like you can transfer the key to third persons for a certain amount of time.

The DHL parcel box for example will in the future allow customers a delivery straight to their front door – even when they are not home. The parcel box does not only allow for the receipt of packages but return deliveries and the shipment of prepaid packages and parcels as well. For delivery companies as well as customers this will in the future result in increased comfort and time savings as the need to go to the post office or packing station is eliminated.

In order to make this offer available comprehensively and at a large scale it must be ensured that only authorized persons have access to the parcel box. For this purpose the KOBIL “Secure Identity Platform” comes into use. Read more here…(


Interact with your guests 24/7 via all channels – in a binding way

The hospitality market:

The present developments and trends within society set by new technology have had a significant influence on the hospitality sector. The current trend is not just altering people’s habits and demands but the design possibilities as well.

The challenge – High tech & high touch for hospitality services

The market expects a significant change through digitization. Digitization has a lasting influence on demand and supply. It is necessary to balance the use of new technology with the need of human, social warmth and the emotional appeal to emotional needs and desires.

Changed customer demands and increasing market saturation demand a general rethinking. While up to today the focus had been on the product, the establishing of the brand is becoming a success factor. In order to distinguish themselves from competitors, hotel providers have to intensify the dialogue with their guests. The promise made in advertising is first and foremost delivered by the staff. The use of mobile technology however increases brand awareness.

The solution:

With the integration of our “Secure Identity Processing” platform into an existing mobile infrastructure a binding and clear identification and authentication of people, machines and things can be ensured at any time.

Hereby it is possible to grant guests the option to individualize their booking right from the beginning. They are able to choose the type and location of the room as well as the facilities (number of the floor, cushions, catering) and additional services.

In the room pure relaxation – with innovative building automation media and room factors such as climate, lighting, odors or multimedia can be controlled via smart phone or tablet. Communication and digital transmission are being done on the same end-to-end encrypted secondary channel via the KOBIL SSMS server without the need for external servers.

Thereby you accompany the entire cycle of the guest’s stay – from the contactless opening of the door via mobile devices to the check out from the hotel and beyond.


Indvidualised guest services

  • Individual & protected messages via your existing back-end systems – PIN-protected
  • Storage of user-related data such as virtual room-key and protection from third party-access
  • Reliable guest responses by pressing a button. You receive a reply even without active reactions.
  • Extending pre-defined message types for quick and easy communication between hotel and guests

customer_phones_hospitality_02Booking and key delivery

  • Centralized booking for companys
  • Centralized management of the keys

customer_phones_hospitality_threeKeymanagment for guests

  • Local hotel room key management
  • transfer to authorized third parties (e.g. family members)
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