Build your own ecosystem.
Use your potential.

KOBIL SHIFT delivers a unique Ecosystem Enabling Platform for businesses of all sizes to help them thrive with minimum development and marketing costs, expanding their services and get one step closer to end-users, enabling them to maintain and increase their brand value and quickly access new business opportunities in a trusted market.

Value layers of KOBIL SHIFT

One-stop turnkey platform:

A low-code, modular and KOBIL Secure TM super app – means as ready to use app or as development framework, that allows you to build a single platform with additional mini-apps to offer a wide range of features that are proven to super-charge the customer experience in a trusted market.

  • One App
  • One Login
  • One User Experience
  • Many Services

…A one-stop solution to meet all of your consumers’ needs.

KOBIL SUPER APP Redefining “As-a-service” economy with infinite possibilities.

Ditch the need of building different apps for different services. Develop a Super App, bring numerous services and functionalities to one platform: a one-stop solution to meet all of your consumers’ needs.​

Deploy anywhere in one click without specialized expertise. Go live sooner and get to success faster.​

Integrate third-party merchants’ services to your ecosystem and super-boost your business.

Shift to One-Identity to rule them all

Build trust with customers through our patented high-security digital identity solutions.

Lay the foundation of an inclusive, uninterrupted and facilitation journey with mega identity

Secure by design

Our unique multi-layer patented technology provides highest level of privacy and security, and is always compliant with all relevant norms such as GDPR.

Shift to secure and binding conversations

Enable simple, effective, responsive, and secure interactions.

Create secure, real-time communication between your customer and partners

Shift to secure and seamless transactions

Powerful and secure payment framework to facilitate complex transactions with ease.

Increase the number of transactions by integrating your existing payment system with new features