Reliability in your Processes

Identity brokerage

in closed eco-systems

Reliability in your Processes

Identity brokerage in closed eco-systems

Virtual world and real identity

Confidence is a basic requirement for each eco-system but what does “confidence” mean within the virtual world? Which kind of security needs to have identity? And how do companies with economic interests influence the confidence in – and acceptance of – digital (mobile) systems?

The question is not if but how fast the market is changing


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There is increasing pressure on both, companies as well as software producers to provide a competitive eco-system that offers more than the functions and services so far available. In future, the success and the functional efficiency of new eco systems will depend on how much we trust in the unambiguous identity of people, machinery and things in the digital world.

Keywords like mobility, industry 4.0, internet of things, mobile payment or connected cars are just some examples for the future necessity to coordinate complex processes in a way to ensure smooth and reliable cooperation.

Currently, mobile applications run “independently”. There is no proper interconnection. The potential value chain is thus not used effectively. In future, various mobile applications will not only be interconnected by also integrated with processes to directly control workflows. A new eco-system in the digital world and reliable identities are indispensable to achieve this goal.

The solution:

KOBIL helps companies to simplify their mobile processes. The “Master Identity Server” serves to ensure unambiguous and reliable identification and authentication and is used to interconnect applications. This approach followed by KOBIL is based on the idea of a trusted interconnected ecosystem for units, users and transactions. Under this concept, each and every application, device and user has got a secured and unique identity and its own tamper-proof communication channel. Each transaction’s authenticity is thus ensured in an integral way.

 The entire digital transmission is realized on an end-to-end encoded second channel via KOBIL’s security server, which is under the company’s sovereignty on premise. The new technological opportunities allow for simplifying and automating processes that – for reasons of safety – were so far not feasible. As a result, more capacities are available for other tasks. The integration in corporate processes opens up brand-new application fields.

The reliable identity helps to realize useful eco-systems that provide real added value for companies and customers.

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