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How We Support Your Business

KOBIL’s time and market proven Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based solution utilizes advanced hardening, shielding, protection, prevention, detection and reporting mechanisms.

KOBIL’s “Dual-7-Layers-of-Security” approach has built-in application shielding technologies which can be implemented on any application and can run on servers, desktops, laptops and virtually any other device. KOBIL Trusted App works in tandem with the KOBIL Smart Security Management Server (SSMS), ensuring a secured execution environment before, during and after a high-value application is running within untrusted environments.

The SSMS server acts as a Trust Center and provides capabilities such as real-time session binding, update management, risk bits, virtual smart card and individual app blocking. It provides real-time integrity checks and mutual authentication through the KOBIL’s own second encrypted communication channel, called Digitanium™ Channel.


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