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Functional Principle

Reading off barcodes, checking and verifying transaction-related details, entering TANs in order to release transactions. End users complete an online form and send it to the application server. In order to approve the data, the server causes a barcode to be displayed. Once the end user has inserted their banking card (smart card) into TAN Optimus and held the reader in front of the monitor, the details will be displayed. The user approves the transaction-related data (on the offline device’s display) and accepts the generation of an one-time code. TAN Optimus Comfort allows for reading transaction-related data from PCs, tablets or smartphones and thus prevents man-in-the-middle or man-in-the-machine attacks. The transaction-related TANs ensure that the scanned barcode is generated by the right server and is valid for this specific transaction only.

Optical Sensors

One of the best ways to transmit data from PCs or tablets to offline devices is using optical sensors. Specific types of monitors, the configuration itself or unfortunate lighting conditions can impede the reading capacities of optical sensors, however. At KOBIL, we have improved the reading performance of our optical sensors for superior, reliable results.


End users appreciate secured data reading from PC monitors by optical sensors, as well as the flawless functionality.

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