To start with, we add a security layer into your processes to provide an identity processing capability that is connected with your backend and frontend application.


To add the digital identity of the user into this process, we have created a trusted environment, a communication channel and a virtual smart card. All of this is possible by adding the app security layer into the security journey.


Let’s continue the journey with the world’s strongest identity in a virtual smart card, permanently controlled by a security server in the backend. All communication is transferred via an end-to-end encrypted security channel.


After creating the trustworthy environment, the unqiue ID can be used to build business processes. We help you to onboard known and unkown clients in the most secure and comfortable way.


Thanks to the KOBIL security architecture and the complete identity journey, you can now start using your identity across all devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktops.

It is the most used security solution for login worldwide.


To sign transactions digitally, you just have to use our technology for your seamless identity journey.


By establishing this journey, we reinvent the possibility to create a complete new communication with your clients. Replace SMS, email or any other insecure communication channel with KOBIL.


We love to work with partners. Here we empower the full technology capabilities of KOBIL.

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