Jun 21, 2018

The customer identity has become the most prized possession in the mobile world. Customers trust companies to keep their personal data safe. By disclosing their names, addresses and even their bank data, customers already show a great level of confidence into the companies.

For many companies this is equally a blessing and a curse.

On one hand this data is used to the benefit of the customer and the companies and is therefore a requirement for new distribution and service channels as well as a better customer experience. The loss of trust and security however can result in the destruction of a company’s reputation and basis of existence.

There is already an extensive trade with security breaches in mobile applications and ways to exploit them. Behind the scenes of the internet the trade with stolen identities generates revenues in the millions.

With the KOBIL owned Public-Key-Infrastructure (PKI) and the virtual smart card technology as well as numerous integrated security features the most valuable good – the customer’s identity – is protected during the entire digital process and on all platforms.

With the Mobile Application Security Technology (mAST) KOBIL is providing an intelligent software solution that connects and integrates the identities of people, machines and things as well as mobile applications, devices, applications, transactions and processes into the digital world binding and secure.

In the digital world a secure identity isn’t everything but without it everything is nothing. For 30 years KOBIL stands for this.

Author: M. Kubitzke