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One Powerful Identity. Unlimited Potential.

See how trusted digital identities can secure your future.

One Powerful Identity. Unlimited Potential.
Security Made Simple

Only trusted digital identities can meet your customer’s expectations. Now, thanks to KOBIL technology, they’ll have the best possible experience – and so will you, from the most powerful shielding library of mIDShield through to the enhanced security of mIDLogin and the unprecedented network access of mIDFederation. Or why not eliminate outdated authentication processes with mIDVerify and provide automated 24/7 password resets with mIDRecovery? With KOBIL, your customer’s journey has never been more secure.

Measurable Success
  • 1

    trusted digital identity for all platforms

  • 70%

    shift from offline identity to trusted digital identity

  • 50%+

    reduce costs by replacing SMS or OTP

  • 45%+

    year-on-year growth in digital

  • 66%

    straight through processing

  • 100%

    unambiguous consent and non-repudiation is guaranteed

Featured case study

Fünfjährige Partnerschaft mit ING führt zu erhöhter Kundenzufriedenheit und -sicherheit

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2 Millionen

Mobilbanking-Kunden geschützt

Über 400 Millionen

sichere Banktransaktionen durchgeführt

  • DE - As Common Criteria-evaluated PKI trust centers, KOBIL-Trust and KOBIL-Trust OCSP are renowned for their security. In fact, German governmental authorities use both for sovereign duties and ongoing protection. KOBIL-Trust is a multi-tenant CA, while KOBIL-Trust OCSP is used as a multi-tenant certificate validation approval.

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