Jun 21, 2018

Our last post addressed the issue of identification on the telephone in call centers. Another important issue for call centers is completing transactions on the phone. In many cases, identification only will not be enough. Frequently, customers receive confirmation letters that are to be signed and returned. This procedure does not only delay completion but also requires manual intervention and thus high process costs or customers spare the last step for reasons of convenience.

Thanks to the joint solution of KOBIL and Jacada also this problem is a thing of the past. Transactions are transmitted to the customer’s app to be confirmed – fully encrypted and secured. The PIN and the Smartphone owned suffice for verifying the respective identity. However, if necessary, fingerprints may also be used.

The customers get to see all transaction details on their Smartphone. All they have to do is to “accept” bindingly and the process is completed in the backend. To reliably prove the completion the respective confirmation will be logged. The entire process is digital and thus not only more budget-friendly but also bindingly completed quicker.

The solution is realized by integrating the KOBIL Smart Security Management server with the backend via respective interfaces. Requests for confirmation from the call center application are first transmitted to the SSMS server and then – after being encrypted – to the customer’s app. The entire process is fully automatic, without requiring the company to take any manual action.

Being combined with authentication before calls, the solution designed by KOBIL and Jacada significantly reduces call center costs.

Jochen Laun