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Securing Sensitive Government Processes with KOBIL Trust Technologies

Securing Sensitive Government Processes with KOBIL Trust Technologies

Securing Sensitive Government Processes with KOBIL Trust Technologies
KOBIL Trust technology is first adopted by the German Federal Network Agency

Introducing German Federal Network Agency

The German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) is Germany’s regulator of electricity, gas, railway, mail and telecommunications.

From its headquarters in Bonn, it aims to ensure fair and workable telecommunications and mail competition across Germany.

It also strives to deliver the most secure, low-priced, consumer-friendly public supply of electricity and gas, as well as ensuring non-discriminatory access to rail infrastructure and associated services.


The German Federal Network Agency (GFNA) is the country’s highest authority for electronic certificates, issuing certificates to certification service providers who, in turn, provide customers with electronic certificates and signatures. All certificates from accredited providers can be fully traced back to the ‘root certificate’ of the GFNA.

The GFNA also provides a 24/7 directory and revocation service, offering online certificates and blacklists for download, as well as certificate status checks.

Providing these services, however, can only be achieved if the GFNA’s trust center enjoys the world’s highest security standards alongside exceptional availability and scalability.


Since 2003, the GFNA has relied upon KOBIL’s world-class technology to protect against both DoS and internal attacks.

KOBIL Trust CA meets all requirements of the German Digital Signature Act. It also meets all the international standards of the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation framework.

Simultaneously, the GFNA uses the KOBIL Trust OCSP Responder to ensure the highest possible availability and security for online certification status requests.

“KOBIL Trust OCSP resists even the hardest electronic attack and torture tools. It is the safest solution for government-sponsored services.”
Jürgen Schwemmer Head of Qualified Electronic Signatures


Thanks to KOBIL technology, the GFNA has a long track-record of achieving secure, available and scalable digital certificate services.

KOBIL Trust’s own crypto library, which includes elliptic curve cryptography, ensures the country’s highest possible security standards in a government agency that faces constant scrutiny and security threats.