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Why trusted digital identities are essential in omnichannel banking

Nerilda Meda
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Omnichannel banking is growing at speed. It builds on multichannel banking strategies by creating a seamless, consistent and fluid customer experience in every channel.

But at every touchpoint, from ATMs and in-store transactions through to online and smartphone banking, a trusted digital identity is key. Because only with a single, centralized view of the customer can banks deliver unified and secure frictionless experiences.

With digitalization and consumerization continuing to reshape the banking landscape, trusted digital identities will become ever more critical for those engaged in digital and mobile banking.

KOBIL’s systems, including our PKI-based virtual smart card technology, provide the secure environment needed to create trusted digital identities. By securing the identity of the app, the device and the user, and binding these three elements together, KOBIL technology allows banks to harness the power of trusted digital identities in their omnichannel strategies.

By using trusted digital identities, you can offer your clients a unique user experience. Your users can:

· Perform the same banking operations with confidence across any channel, without any doubts or fear about what might happen ‘backstage’ with their accounts.

· Collect money from the ATM via your bank’s app, eliminating the need for using different PINs for user authentication.

· Replace SMS to confirm and authorize payment such as credit Card payment without media break — just confirm via mobile app

· Reduce their reliance on insecure practices at every touchpoint, such as the re-use of the same static passwords across several services.

To find out more about trusted digital identities and how they can transform your operations and your user experience, contact us today.

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