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5 reasons your organization *must* embrace qualified electronic signatures

Nerilda Meda
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There’s no denying it: digital signatures are the future. But if you’re still on the fence about embracing qualified electronic signatures, here are five reasons why your organization must act.

1. Enhanced security and legal status

Qualified electronic signatures are valid and legally binding. They hold the same status as wet ink signatures. That’s because they’re delivered through PKI technology, ensuring nonrepudiation and identity authentication. Any changes to a document after a qualified digital signature has been secured can also be identified.

2. Increased customer confidence

The security technology used to power qualified electronic signatures is not just for your organization’s benefit. It also delivers peace of mind and ongoing confidence for your customers. And that means they’re much more likely to respond positively to digital signatures — making life much easier for your day-to-day operations.

3. Happier customers

When business processes are digitized, things happen faster. Manual checks are not necessary. Workflows can be actioned immediately. And customers can get approvals on purchases, loans or mortgages in an instant — all of which means happier customers.

4. New income streams

Combine qualified electronic signatures with identity federation and a platform approach, and you have the opportunity to introduce your existing customers to your commercial partners. The subsequent commissions could turn into a significant financial bonus.

5. Reduced costs

Qualified electronic signatures in KOBIL’s mSign, for example, can be paired with mChat in our powerful Super App. This enables chatbots to complete agreements with your customers, significantly reducing your overheads while simultaneously allowing you to operate 24/7.

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