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Why DIRECTebanking (“Sofortüberweisung”) is, indeed, “acceptable!“

The popular payment method “instant bank transfer”, or DIRECTebanking, was classified as inacceptable by the district court of Frankfurt, because it poses considerable risks for data security and supposedly opens doors to fraud and misuse. Online-Bezahlverfahren Sofortüberweisung (Link to the german newsticker of www.heise.de). Instant bank transfer accesses customer online banking login details – a procedure […]

Completing call center processes quickly and bindingly

Our last post addressed the issue of identification on the telephone in call centers. Another important issue for call centers is completing transactions on the phone. In many cases, identification only will not be enough. Frequently, customers receive confirmation letters that are to be signed and returned. This procedure does not only delay completion but […]

OCSP – Trust Center as Productivity Booster

Once upon a time there was a big company. A real big player. It offered almost everything: from nuclear reactors all the way to washing machines. Well, admittedly the nuclear reactors currently don’t sell so well and the washing machine sector has just been sold. But for our story, this is not so important. The […]

Merry Christmas!

No, no, I am not confusing the seasons. (Then again; I had to defrost the windshield of my car this morning) “Merry Christmas is the answer to the question, brought up in this blog by Oezguer two days ago. “What interested me the most was what this (first) SMS was saying. So I am guessing […]