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Do you want to know who we are and what we do?
In a just few short words?

Do you want to know who we are and what we do? In a just few short words? With pleasure. We have probably been in contact already. If you are using the card reader or the small TAN generator provided by your bank or savings bank, you see KOBIL. These still widely used devices represent the first generation of secure authentication.

In the second generation we developed the offline authentication and turned it into online authentication. The KOBIL Smart Security Management Server (SSMS) can be integrated into the company’s IT infrastructure and thus can perfectly fit into the company processes. Solutions that go beyond online banking are easy to realize with the help of KOBIL SSMS.

Today we offer solutions of the third generation. KOBIL SSMS enables a second communication channel, thus making the entire communication safe and binding on all platforms. The third generation of KOBIL solutions enables highly secure identity processing. This opens a new dimension in the use of web and mobile apps when interacting with your customers.

The KOBIL Idea

Özgür Koyun presents the KOBIL idea to you (only available in german language).


Today KOBIL solutions set a benchmark in digital identity and high-secure data technology. Founded in 1986, the KOBIL Group, headquartered in Worms, Germany and proud of its 120 employees, is pioneer in the fields of smart card, one-time password, authentication and cryptography. Core of our philosophy is to empower a complete identity and mobile security management on all platforms and communication channels. Nearly half of our employees work in R&D. We play a crucial role in the development of new encryption standards.

Commerzbank, DATEV, Deutscher Bundestag (Federal Diet), IBM, Migros Bank, Société Générale, ZDF and many others put their trust in us.

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