Not Just Another PSD2 Piece for the Holidays!/28 December 2018

PSD2 increases the level of user authentication required for the payment service, with the purpose of ensuring that Payment Service Providers (PSPs) can be confident in the authenticity of users. Strong Customer Authentication PSD2 requires PSPs to apply “Strong Customer Authentication” (SCA) in cases where an organization or consumer attempts to access their payment accounts […]


Digitanium Suite/26 December 2018

The “Dual-7-Layers-of-Security” approach secures the digital and trusted identity of end customers on seven different levels, throughout the entire process. At the core of this approach is KOBIL’s Digitanium Suite -– an end-to-end security platform for application shielding, user authentication, transaction authorization and digital signatures, using trustworthy identities. This ensures secure, binding and reliable communication […]