Jun 21, 2018

“Would you please tell me your customer ID and password” – the first thing the call center agent gets to hear is “oh… I don’t know them. I’ll have to look it up”. The agent hears the customer walk into another room, get the file from the shelf and start flipping through it. Finally, nearly a minute later, the agent is being told the customer ID. The agent asks if that was number 2 or 3 in three in the customer ID – and again, the person on the other end of the line is at a loss. “Then please tell me your address and birth date“. The customer does so. By now, almost 1 and half minutes have passed – and the phone call finally is about the actual subject matter.

Numerous customers make the experience illustrated by the above example.
 But the problem is not only that this type of authentication requires a lot of time. It is also extremely insecure and can easily be misused by frauds who give it a try.

Thanks to the joint solution of KOBIL and Jacada, such cases are a thing of the past. Customers are already identified before the actual call. All it takes is for them to own a Smartphone, install the app and be equipped with a PIN. If you want to play it really safe there is the chance to also retrieve fingerprints.

If additional information is required to handle the issue, it can also be requested in the visual IVR menu before the actual call. Call center agents thus get all the information required and the respective identity verification in advance. This facilitates time savings of 30{d05ed2fcafd13be8f8206dca969478b02082b437556910654bb4db0d96a45814} or more.

Jochen Laun