Secure browsing all over the world. Trust in our security solutions and 25 years of experience.

Web access and browsing from PCs, smart phones and tablets can be easily tapped and re-directed to malicious sites. Even more advanced attacks like man-in-the-browser can manipulate transactions without end user awareness. Kobil experience on browser hardening more than 6 years brings much more reliable web browser experience for end users.

Harden & carry separate browsers

One of Kobil approach for secure web browsing is to build a shield around existing web browser. In this approach, communication of transaction data is protected with dual communication technology and transactions are presented in a secured window instead of web browser

Another approach for secure web browsing is to build a separate hardened web browser and carry it on device read-only memory. This way each time a fresh copy of web browser starts in a protected memory


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Secure display technology

Presenting transactions to end users for their approval should also be protected. Kobil developed secure presentation layers by advanced hardening mechanisms. Even some devices has their own displays

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Seamless connection to physical devices

When a physical USB device is needed for strong authentication on web browsers, there is a need for software installation and configuration. Kobil solutions does not need any driver or middlewares

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mIDentity Air+

Kobil mIDentity Air+ starts both PC and mobile web browser in hardened mode and show transaction details on its own display

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mIDentity Trusted Web View

Kobil mIDentity Trusted Web View starts mobil web browser in a hardened mode

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