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AST Whitepaper

The new way of communication
Communication should be interactive and it must be secure when it comes to sensitive content. Kobil´s Application Security Technology (AST) provides a secure communication between you as an online service provider and your clients.

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AST Demo

AST is the basis for multiple application scenarios in modern Banking.
AST allows reduction of costs, increase of efficiency, binding and secure communication and so much more. Starting with secure transactions through smartphones and tablets up to the opening of new opportunities in retail and corporate banking.

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Kobil secures Deutsche Post

Paying with Paysmart

The Deutsche Post now offers an alternative to cash and EC cards.

PDF from “geldinstitute 3/2014”

DHL uses Kobil technology

DHL Paketbox

Kobil provides the technology for the digital use of the DHL parcel boxes by private users. The DHL parcel box allows all interested customers to have their parcels delivered directly to their front door.

Press release about DHL parcel box

SecOVID - OTP Solution

Kobil OTP Server is a part of Smart Security Management Server. It allows OTP device management, user authentication and transaction authentication.
Kobil OTP Server module is installed together with SSMS core system.

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Kobil Event Coin

Despite being active in the fields of cryptography and security, we view ourselves as an "open-minded" company, committed to cultivating partnerships and seeking direct contact with our customers. Find out when and where we are in your vicinity and come and see us. We look forward to meet you!


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